So how it works around my house is, if you want dinner you make it. No one else is making it for you. So we have singular pieces of chicken. Dont ask why, we just do. So I go to make one for myself and there isn’t anything on it to tell me how long to bake it ,so I ask mom and she tells me if I make one I have to make all three. To remind you there are three chicken breasts with stuff filled inside. So I said no. And went to make me something else, when mom found out I was no longer making the chicken she flipps out yelling at me about how I need to make food for everyone….Last time I checked your legs werent ripped off by a wolf…so I’m not making your damn food. She tells me that every single time I ask her “What’s for dinner?” My brother and his girlfriend make their own food, the same goes for my dad and I. But mom wants everyone to do this for her. You want it, you get it. Not my problem.